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The primary purpose of this website is to interest and involve as many individuals and organizations as possible in the development and use of the tools of the mudoc technology. The Mudoc Corporation’s primary goal is to make publications set in interactive movable type, along with their supporting tools, available to every person in every nation by 2020. How this grandly ambitious goal could be achieved is described in extensive detail in the Web pages at

If, after reviewing the contents of this website, you would like to participate in the development of the tools of the mudoc technology, you are cordially invited to do so. Your participation can be as a collaborator or contractor with The Mudoc Corporation or as an independent researcher, developer, or investigator. Your participation as a collaborator could be as a venture capital provider, as a strategic partner, as a researcher, as a research sponsor, as a research subject, as a technical worker, as a volunteer worker, as an intern, as a software or hardware developer, as a muvie producer, as a mutext composer, as a musetter, as an endorser, or as a popularizer. Independent efforts could include such things as development of hardware components for the telereader terminal – or experimentation with any of the perceptual or linguistic techniques used in the mudoc technology.

Some of the collaborators being sought by The Mudoc Corporation:

Movie/muvie producers. The Mudoc Corporation is getting ready to produce The Coming Revolution in Writing and Reading, a multimedia presentation for this site that will demonstrate to its viewers what they will be able to do with interactive movable type. Individuals and/or organizations who are skilled in the use of multimedia presentation or computer animation applications are needed in this effort. The preliminary script for this production is now available on this site. To view the script click here.

Graphic artists and technical illustrators. The amateurish sketches and drawings now included in The Mu Primer and in The Coming Revolution in Writing and Reading need to be redone.

Software developers. Help is needed to formalize and refine the mudoc algorithms and to develop applications that will run with various operating systems and platforms.

Researchers. Individuals and organizations are invited to carry out research on any aspect of the mudoc technology, from experimentation with muvie and static mutext presentations to experimentation with electronic and optical systems to facilitate the acquisition and comprehension of text by human subjects. Researchers can (1) proceed on their own, following their own research designs and plans; or (2) they can request assistance from The Mudoc Corporation in developing their research programs; or (3) they can work in-house with Mudoc Corp. Mudoc Corp hopes to serve as a clearinghouse, bringing together research sponsors (foundations, government agencies, school systems, angels, etc.) and those in universities and other research organizations that might wish to carry out research efforts involving the mudoc technology. Mudoc Corp plans to establish a separate website (1) on which researchers can publish the results of their research, (2) on which requests for grants or other financial support for specific research projects can be published, and (3) on which research sponsors can issue requests for proposals.

Research sponsors. Foundations, government agencies, information technology companies, educational systems, and others who might wish to sponsor research on any of the tools of the mudoc technology are invited to contact Mudoc Corp to see which organizations or individuals might want to carry out the desired research efforts. Mudoc Corp may serve as the intermediary between the sponsors and researchers – or may simply refer sponsors to prospective researchers or researchers to prospective sponsors, whichever the parties prefer.

Research subjects. Those who might wish to serve as subjects in experiments involving the tools of the mudoc technology are invited to contact Mudoc Corp. The subjects may be individuals who could simply download experimental materials from a Mudoc Corp website, follow the instructions provided, and then send the results back to the website. The subjects might be groups, such as school students, senior citizen organizations, children in Head Start programs, and others who might participate as a group – with experimental materials provided by Mudoc Corp or other research organizations.

Technical workers. The Mudoc Corporation will soon be hiring individuals with the special technical skills needed to develop the tools of the mudoc technology. If you have read through the materials on this website, you will know who you are. Interested individuals are invited to email resumes to

Volunteer workers and interns. The limited working capital now available to The Mudoc Corporation means that some of those now working for the company are receiving shares of stock in the corporation in lieu of monetary compensation. In such cases, an agreement between the worker and the company is signed stipulating the terms and conditions of employment and how the stock can be converted to cash if and when the company’s financial situation permits.

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Revised Sept. 2008