The Mudoc Corporation
Think Tank

The birthplace of interactive movable type

Fountainhead of an array of powerful new tools
for writers, for publishers, and for readers
the tools of the mudoc technology.

To see what the future holds for those who read or write and for those who cannot but would like to choose from the following destinations:

World-changing Software Invention

Interactive Movable Type: Invention of the Millennium?

The Mudoc Mission

The MuPress

New Titles from The MuPress

End of Illiteracy

Learning to read by reading

New Tools for Learning a Second Language

The Coming Revolution in Education

Reinventing Education in America

The Classroom of Tomorrow: An Educational Wonderland

How We Handicap Readers

The human/computer language called Easy

On Saving a Dying Planet

Mudoc Corporation's New Tools for Learning, Reading, Working

What the Mudoc Software Does for Readers

The Mu Primer (textbook, with extensive glossary and index)

The Mudoc Technology(The Mudoc Corporation business plan)

The Coming Revolution in Writing and Reading (interactive movie)

Mudoc's 18 minute video MuvieTime

Reading Mudoc Publications

America's Future in Manufacturing

Tomorrow's Books

Coming Soon--A New Age of Innovation

Most Widely Used Software in 2020

Text Set in the Mu Typography

Setting Interactive Movable Type
Proving Interactive Movable Type Works

Tomorrow's Screenless PC
PBS's prize for telereader terminal entry

What is a mudoc anyway?

Using Interactive Movable Type to Capitalize on the Capabilities of the Human Brain

Testing in Tomorrow's Schools

The Telereader: Tomorrow's Interactive Television Terminal
The Telereader Terminal: The High Definition Muvie Machine
The Telereader Terminal: The 3D Sound Machine
The Telereader Tablet
A Walk Through the Woods with a Telereader

2002: An Odd Space Story,a micronovel in the mu typography

Proposed university press at ASU
A Decade of Promise for ASU

Building a Healthy Haiti
A Practical Plan for Pacifying Pakistan and Afghanistan
Afghan Mineral Wealth
Mrs. Obama's Dream House
The Home of Tomorrow: The Good Health Home
The Expansive Pool
Tomorrow's Household Mainframe
Tomorrow's Home Pool
The New Computer Marketing Paradigm
How Tomorrow's Movies Will Differ
Role of the DVD in the mudoc technology

Some comments about the promise of the tools of the mudoc technology

Call for Collaborators, Contributors, and Co-conspirators

* = coming soon

If you would like to know more about the development of the mudoc technology or any of the topics or products discussed in this website, here is how you can reach us:

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